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July 26, 2009

Motivation to be Motivated

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Motivation is an important skill that yields results.  People who are motivated in the workplace will be more productive, influential to others, and highly regarded as the “go to” people.  Simply put ‘they get things done.’  Here are some tips on how to get yourself and others motivated:

Rewards (the ‘pat on the back’)

Realize that for each task or project you complete you are entitled to a personal reward. Obviously, you will get accolades from your employer such as promotions or bonuses but you should also make a point to reward yourself.

Make it fun

Work doesn’t feel like work when there is some amusement instituted.  This will make for a positive work environment and people will be more productive and want to get the job done and will be yearning for more.

Create Challenges

Completing the same task over and over again can be boring and people will lose interest with the same routine.  Suggest ideas on how to acquire the same results or goal but from a different prospective. People will be more energized and enthusiastic about the project.  In other words, think outside the box.

List short/long term goals

When we have a clear outline of how our goals are reached we perform better.  It is important to write them down. Of course, they can be altered as the need arises, but putting goals in writing and a thought out plan of how to reach them will solidify what is trying to be accomplished.

Think Positive

The ability to think positively about work or personal life events can be tough when there are obstacles that attempt to block our goals. Since we cannot change others attitudes, it is up to us to change ours and adapt.  Remember, accept the things you cannot change and change your attitude. Thinking positive will make you more productive and enthusiastic about your results.

Create Your Own Mission Statement

Creating a mission statement will provide a clearer purpose for what you want to accomplish in your personal and professional development. By frequently referencing your mission statement you will become enlightened and inspired to complete your stated goals. Here is a website to create your mission statement


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July 17, 2009

Battling Job Burnout: 4 Ways to Put Out the Fire

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According to Kenya McCullum, a freelance writer and founder of the blog community, it’s important to determine where the negative feelings are coming from.  If you’re experiencing burnout, create a list of pros and cons about the job. This will give you an understanding of what your likes and dislikes are, and give you insight to the problem’s source. After the list has been created and evaluated, try the following approaches to remedy the situation:

Talk to your supervisor

Most of the time, the supervisor is oblivious of a problem until you make a noticeable mistake. Then, you’ll hear about it when it comes time for your performance evaluation or when you’re called into the office to be reprimanded. Before this happens and becomes a blemish on your permanent employee record, inform your supervisor about what’s bothering you. Believe it or not, most employers are receptive to their employees and will assist in making the work environment more manageable for you and them. The last thing an employer wants is a disgruntled employee.

Request to work on different projects

I know your wondering, “Why would I want to take on more work?” Look at it from this point of view: working on a project that is new and more challenging can change your outlook by removing the monotony. In addition, you will gain experience in completing new tasks that can be added as accomplishments to your resume.

Take a mini vacation

Getting away from the office for a short period of time is good for the mind and soul. Take a long weekend to visit an old friend, take a road trip, or stay at home and relax. Take note: This means there is to no contact with the office, so forget the laptops, PDAs, and any other devices that would keep you connected to the job.  The point is to get the as much R&R as possible.

Relaxation Exercises

When you’re stressed, try breathing exercises. Allowing oxygen to the brain can not only clear your mind, but also allow you to focus and relieve physical tension. Other relaxation methods include meditation, yoga, or simply go out to lunch; in other words, leave the office in order to get away from the work environment and clear your mind. Extinguishing burnout as soon as it’s recognized is critical for your health, both mentally and physically.  Similar to a burning building, if it’s is not extinguished quickly, the damages could be detrimental and costly. Do you have any other tips?

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