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August 25, 2009

You Don’t Need to Be a Magician to Get a Job

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In today’s job market it seems like you have to pull a rabbit out of your hat or have tricks up your sleeve to even get a job interview. Below is a list of 6 tips and tricks for an effective job search.

1. Create professional accounts on sites such as LinkedIn and BrightFuse

These sites will not only allow networking opportunities but also alert others in the field that you may be a viable candidate. Social media networking can help, but also hinder. Beware of posting pictures that you would not want an employer to see or discussions that are inappropriate. In today’s job market, employers are searching for the job seekers “digital footprint” and if obscenities are found an interview will be less likely.

2. Cater your resume to each job.

When applying for jobs, make sure the cover letter highlights specific job skills according to that particular job description.  Sending a “general resume and cover letter” isn’t very enticing to the employer.  The key to an effective resume is to stand out amongst the hundreds that are received, so be creative and specific.

3. Include pertinent information on the resume.

This includes any certifications, awards, and accomplishments or contributions you hand a hand in at the companies listed on your resume.  Depending on your work experience, try to stay away from the standard list of job duties.  Remember the key is to impress the employer with any accolades or accomplishments.

4. Proofread your resume and keep it professional.

Nothing puts your resume in the “rectangular file” quicker than typos and spelling errors. This is the quickest and easiest way an employer will sift through the many resumes. Get a friend or colleague to review your resume before making it public.  Add an appropriate email address and telephone number that has access to voicemail so that you can receive responses. Create an email account solely for your job search. An example of an appropriate email address would be simply your first and last name.  Make sure your voicemail recording is appropriate  and when answering the phone, sound professional. Employers use the phone interview as a way to weed out candidates as well. If you answer the phone in an uninterested or unenthusiastic voice, your chances of getting an interview are null and void.

5. So you got an interview….Now do your homework.

Visit the company’s website thoroughly and prepare questions to ask the employer. Asking questions says to the employer that you are genuinely interested in becoming a part of the company’s team and that you have taken the time review the company’s bio. Years ago, I had an interview with a company and prior to the interview, I visited their website and found a few spelling errors, when I pointed this out to the employer they were impressed and I got a second interview and later got offered the job.

6. After the interview…..

Send a thank you note to the interviewer(s), thanking them for their time and reiterating your interest in the job position. This is an important part of the interview process, be sure to highlight those specific job skills that make you the perfect candidate for the job.

So you really don’t need magic to get a job, but you do need to be as the magician and know the secrets to get the interview. As long as you know the tricks, just like the magician, you hold the Ace.


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